5 Keys to Personal Support RaisingLet Your Fear Be Replaced By Faith

By Steve Shadrach

Get equipped with a biblical and practical perspective of personal support raising. This 8-page pamphlet will address the common fears of raising support and quickly unpack the basic how-to’s to fully funding your ministry.

This is an introductory resource for those considering ministry opportunities that involve supporting raising. 

LEADERS: Send this article or purchase a bundle of booklets to hand out to potential missionaries to address their fears, concerns, and answer basic questions on support raising.

See the companion resource: 5 Questions Every Donor Should Ask: What is Personal Support Raising

This booklet is based off the principles from The God Ask: A Fresh Biblical Approach to Personal Support Raising, the #1 book used by missionaries and Great Commission workers today. 

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About the AuthorDr. Steve Shadrach, Founder and Global Ambassador for Via, has a passion for developing laborers for Christ to reach the world. He has founded serval ministries and authored numerous books and articles on campus ministry, personal support raising, and mission mobilization. He has been living on personal ministry support since 1986, and still is sharing the Gospel and discipling men on the campus at the University of Arkansas. He began his ministry career serving in leadership at Kanakuk and then as Pastor of Students and Missions at University Baptist Church (1983-1986) in Fayetteville, AR. He is also the founder of three organizations. In 1986, he founded Student Mobilization, which focuses on evangelizing and discipling college students in the U.S. and abroad. In 1999, he co-founded The Traveling Team, which focuses on mobilizing college students throughout the country, with Todd Ahrend (who pioneered the ministry). In 2001, he turned these two ministries over to the next generation of leadership to launch Via (formerly the Center for Mission Mobilization and earlier, The BodyBuilders), which seeks to multiply mission movements to the unreached. From 2004 to 2012, in addition to leading Via (CMM), he was the Mobilization Director for the US Center for World Mission, which included leadership of the Perspectives Study Program. Dr. Shadrach has a Master’s in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary and a Doctorate of Ministry in Church and Parachurch Executive Leadership from Denver Seminary. He has written four books, The Fuel and the Flame: Ten Keys to Ignite Your Campus for Jesus Christ, The God Ask: A Fresh, Biblical Approach to Personal Support Raising, Brown Like Coffee: For Students Who Think Outside the Box, and Viewpoints: Fresh Perspectives on Personal Support Raising. Steve and his family reside in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

What You'll Learn

“I want to serve God and be obedient to His leading in my life, but I don’t want to raise support.” — If you’ve said or thought these words, you’re not alone.

5 Keys seeks out what Scripture says about support raising, and lays out the biblical basis behind it. You will find how support raising is an honorable opportunity — a biblical calling to invite and involve others in the expansion of the kingdom of God.


  1. Understand the Biblical Basis
  2. Kill the Giants in Your Own Mind 
  3. Pray and Plan Well
  4. Ask Them Face to Face 
  5. Cultivate the Relationship

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