God's Presence in Your FundraisingThis devotional provides 40 days of readings and prayers that will help Christ-followers rise up, resist the devil, turn toward Christ, and face their fears in Spirit and truth.

By Scott Morton

Whether you are beginning your life in ministry or have much experience, God's Presence in Your Fundraising: 40 Readings and Prayers will help you maintain intimacy with Christ during the inevitable ups and downs of fundraising. After hearing a few "no's," fundraisers can be tempted to give up, press hard into their strength, or try crazy support raising schemes. It's time for a fresh look at the Scriptures. Written by one who has been there, God's Presence in Your Fundraising is your daily companion in Christ-centered funding.

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I loved Scott's biblical foundation, his personal transparency in sharing his mistakes along the fundraising journey, and his inspiring and motivating challenges to persist and trust the living God who meets all our needs through Christ.

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What You'll Learn

Support raisers can get so focused on the task and achieving goals that they can forget the importance of depending on God. They can oftentimes be overwhelmed and can become consumed with anxiety. They are not only being attacked by the enemy, but their flesh gets in the way as well. Their will, their passion, and their productivity can slip if they lose sight of their identity and calling. God's Presence in Your Fundraising helps solve these issues by putting in the hands of support raisers devotions that can not only be a reminder of biblical truths but can also help these Christ-followers rise up, resist the devil, turn toward Christ and face their fears in Spirit and truth.

God's Presence in Your Fundraising will help you:

  • Refocus your support raising journey on Jesus Christ

  • Combat common lies those who raise support face with the truth of scripture

  • Align your heart to God's word and strength to provide for your every need 

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I found God's Presence in Your Fundraising a breath of fresh air instilling new passion, promises, and godly perspective in my thoughts towards my donors and fundraising.

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